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The first known settlements around Edirne are the Odyss and the Bettegerians of Trak tribes . According to popular opinion, at the time when the Meriç and Tunca rivers, where Edirne is located , were merged by Odrisler, an open city or market place called Odris or Odrisia was established. Between 1400 and 1200 BC, the region was ruled by the Akers , and after that period, the ” police ” were brought into existence . During the expedition of Darius I of the Ahaminish Emperor I. on the Scythians in the 510s BC , the region entered the Persian dominion. [3] In 460 BC, the Odyss, who proclaimed their independence in the reign of Teres , became dominant again. In 340 BC II. The settlement of the Macedonians, under the rule of Filip , began to be called Orestia in this period. The region was later to the Celtic invasions. In the Macedonian control, Orestia passed the Romans in 168 BC . Orestia, whose name was changed to Hadrianapolis during the eastward journey of the Roman Emperor Hadrianus between 123-124 BC, was granted city status. The Roman EmpireHadrianapolis, which was under the control of the Byzantine Empire after being divided into two in 395, was exposed to the attacks of Got , Hun , Pechenek , Avar and Bulgarian in this period .

The Balkan War (1912-1913) was occupied by the Bulgarians. After the first Balkan War , the city passed through Bulgaria with a peace agreement, and it joined the Turkish territory again after the Second Balkan War , which broke out of the inking house of more agreement . World War ‘from the then Edirne out with the Ottoman Empire’s defeat, suffered the Greek invasion in July 1920, the War of Liberation ‘ s the successful conclusion on 25 November 1922 ( Second Battle of Adrianople ) finally entered the Turkish domination and the Treaty of Lausanne’With Greece received back as war reparations from Elm to join the province’s border with Turkey September 15, 1923, it took its current form.

Where to go in Edirne?

Those who go to the province of Edirne, who have many places to visit and see, have to prepare their list. He will be comfortable to go to Edirne by making a list of where to go and where to see him before he leaves.

Edirne Gökçetepe Nature Park
It is said that the air of this nature park that connects the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Aegean Sea, which is one of the hidden secrets of Saros Gulf, is also good for asthma and many other illnesses. Because the harmony of the gases in the air here is incredible. It is connected to the Keşan district and the water itself has the self-cleaning feature. With the arrangements made in recent years, this park has become extremely useful. Campgrounds, restaurants and beaches have become a frequent visitor’s destination.

Edirne Sarayiçi Balkan War Cemetery
This martyrdom, which is one of the favorite places to visit from outside the city, has been made to commemorate 300.000 soldiers martyred in the Balkan War of 1912 and 1913 and 20.000 people who lost their lives by being hungry and thirsty in Saraji in 1913. In 1939, the Balkan Martyrs Monument was erected here.

Edirne Museum of Turkish Islamic Art
One of the most curious places of Edirne, this museum is located in the Dar-ul Hadis Medres of Selimiye Complex. There are many rooms in the museum, and each room is exhibited in a different collection. Ottoman tile ceramics, glassware, weapons, plates, Edirne Palace kitchenware etc.

Edirne Lausanne Monument and Museum
This museum is located in the garden of the Rectorate building of the University of Trakya. Opening tairhi in the year 1998 is. The aim of this museum is to emphasize the importance of the Treaty of Lausanne for Edirne. Turkey is the greater of 3 different columns with small Adrianople you see here represents the elm is the smallest. There is also a girl figure. This figurine has a document in the hands of the Lausanne Treaty, while the other hand has pigeons.

Edirne Ali Pasha Bazaar
Built between 1560 and 1565, this center is in the center of the city and is a historical bazaar. Finding it in the city The length of this bazaar, which is one of the architect Sinan’s works, is 300 meters. It also has more than 100 shops. It was repaired in 1997 and rented back to its former owners. The city is known as the covered bazaar.

Edirne Rüstem Pasha Caravanserai
The person who built this caravanserai, which was estimated to have been built in 1561, is Rüstem Pasha, the wife of Mihrimah Sultan, the daughter of Süleyman the Magnificent. It is 2 storeys from the works of architect Sinan and consists of 2 sections as large inns and small inns. Today it is used as a hotel and has 102 rooms and 21 shops.

Edirne Ergene Bridge
This extremely solid bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world. The length is 1392 meters. This bridge which gave the name of the city Uzunköprü was built by the Ottoman sultans II: Murat. It was built in 1427 and finished in 1443. The bridge was built on the Ergene River, which he named.

Edirne Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque
The architecture of this mosque, located in the Keşan district, is enormous. It is estimated to have been built in the 16th century. There is not much information about the mosque because it is not a book of the glass or it can not reach the daily. The mosque is square and the dome is 950 meters in diameter.

Edirne Muradiye Mosque
This mosque, located in the central district, is really worth seeing. Caminin II. Depending on Murad’s dream, there is even a story. Since the book of the glass can not reach the day-to-day, there is no information about the architect who made the construction year. But like the Selimiye Mosque, the visitor is quite abundant. The glass has 3 domes.

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