Turkey – Republic of Ecuador Political Relations

Despite the fact that our diplomatic relations were established in 1950, our relations with Ecuador have gained momentum, especially in recent years. This has played an important role in the mutual visits at the level of the President and the opening of the Embassies.

In 2009, the Embassy opened in our country. The embassy of our country in Kito was opened in 2012. In addition, our country is in Guayaquil and Ecuador is in Honorary Consulate in Istanbul.

Rafael Correa, former President of Ecuador State, visited our country on 15-16 March 2012 and was the first visit between the two countries at the Presidential level. Mr. President of Ecuador from Turkey on 3-4 February 2016 date was made the first visit at this level.

These visits at the Presidential level have made a positive contribution to our country’s humanitarian aid after the earthquake in Ecuador on April 16, 2016 and the increased investments of Turkish companies in the country have made a positive contribution to our relations with Ecuador.

Negotiations are underway for the signing of a “Free Trade Agreement” between Ecuador and our country and a “Trade Agreement for Development” with similar features. Our country ranks fourth in the export of bananas in terms of equator, and in 2016, 81% of the bananas we imported were taken from Ecuador.

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