Turkey – Dominican Political Relations

The relations between our country and Dominica have been rather limited due to the geographical distance and the concentration of both countries on their territories for many years. However, more attention has been paid to the region as a result of our expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean region, which has gained momentum in recent years, the opening of new embassies in the region, the start of TICA development and technical cooperation projects and establishment of institutional relations with regional organizations, comprising.

Turkey and the Dominican Republic, particularly for nomination to the UN subsidiary organs and also give support to the candidacy of each other to the extent permitted conditions in international forums. Supporting our 2015-2016 UNSC candidacy, Dominica also welcomes and supports our country’s policy of opening up to Latin America and the Caribbean region, as an observer member to regional organizations such as CARICOM and the Caribbean Union, or to develop special relations.

Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made a special visit to Istanbul on 11-13 August 2011.

Our embassy to Dominica is based in Santo Domingo embassy.

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