Turkey-Denmark Political Relations

Diplomatic relations between the two countries dated January 26, 1925 “Between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Denmark Münakit Muhadenet muahede (Friendly Agreement)” and has been established.

Our relations with Denmark are shaped mainly by the regional and international organizations, mainly NATO, the EU and the Council of Europe, as well as the fight against migration and terrorism. Within the framework of the decision to extend Denmark’s contribution to the International Coalition to Combat DEA with Syria, Denmark has deployed personnel and F-16 fighter planes to the Incirlik Base during June-December 2016. Danish Prime Minister Lars Lökke Ramussen made a study visit to my country on 10 December 2016 to meet with Mr. Prime Minister Sami and to meet with Danish military personnel stationed in Incirlik.

On the 28th of June 2016, Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen visited Incirlik with the then-Secretary of Defense Peter Christensen. In addition, the period Foreign Minister Jensen visited our country on September 29, 2016 to demonstrate Denmark’s support to my country following the unsuccessful coup attempt on July 15.

In 2017, bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Denmark were 1.82 billion US dollars (exports: US $ 1,002 million, imports 808 million US dollars).

In 2017, our country visited 269,026 Danish tourists. On the other hand, it is known that about 6000 Danishes are real estate agents in our southern coasts.

During 2002-2017, the investments of Danish companies to my country were 443 million dollars; Denmark residents’ investments in companies in Turkey was 24 million dollars.

The Turkish community of about 65,000 people living in Denmark stands out as the largest immigrant group in the country and constitutes an important element of our bilateral relations.

In the last general elections held on 18 June 2015, a Turkish citizen Danish citizen (Yıldız Akdoğan-Social Democratic Party) entered the national parliament.

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