Turkey – Costa Rica Political Relations

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Enrique Castillo Barrantes visited Turkey in 2012 and during the visit a Joint Action Plan was adopted. Minister Castillo has visited our country again in 2013 and bilateral relations with Costa Rica have been developing rapidly since the opening of the Embassies in 2014.

On April 20, 2017 Turkey-Central American Integration System held in Istanbul (SICA) 2. Forum Foreign Ministers of the Costa Rica Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez Sanz participated. In the margins of the Forum, Mrs. Minister has held bilateral meetings with Turkey, and also between our country and Costa Rica, the Treaty on Combating Drug Trafficking and the Cultural Cooperation Agreement has been signed.

Costa Rica has an Honorary Consulate in Istanbul as well as the Ankara Embassy. In addition, Costa Rica, Foreign Trade Incentive Agency PROCOMER affiliated to the Ministry of Foreign Trade opened a representative office in Istanbul in June 2016.

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