Corum is a province of Anatolia. All non Turkish nationals must check requirements for Turkey visa or visas to visit Corum province. If you are or your family and friends are planning to go Turkey they must obtain turkey visas for every member. Turkish visas is valid for 6 months.

Geographical Location

Let’s take a brief look at the geography, climate, surface area and population of the province of Corum, which is one of our illicit states in the Black Sea Region of our country.

The geography of the province of Corum in the Black Sea Region is generally mountainous. These mountainous areas make up 61%. In addition, mountains are often separated by deep valleys. Çorum province is located to the east of Köroğlu Mountains located between Sakarya River and Kızılırmak River. Çorum’s Iskilip, Bayat, Kargı, Oguzlar and Dodurga districts are located at the intersection of Köroğlu Mountains and Kızılırmak Basin. Amasya, Yozgat, Çankırı, Sinop, Kastamonu, Samsun and Kırıkkale are the neighbors of Corum province. There are two large lakes in Çorum. Lake Uyuz and Eymir (Lake of the Sea). The names of the mountains in Çorum are;


The Black Sea climate can be seen in the provinces of Bayat, Dodurga, İskilip, Kargı, Lacin, Oguzlar, Osmancık and Uğurludağ of Çorum. However, Çorum center, Alaca, Boğazkale, Mecitözü, Ortaköy and Sungurlu districts have Central Anatolian climate. It is raining a little in the spring and autumn.

Apart from this, summer is hot and arid, winter season is cold and snowy. In general, the continental climate prevails.

Natural Beauties of Çorum

Çorum history has a very rich history. In Corum there are many historical buildings, churches, churches, ruins, ancient cities and many historical buildings. All these historic beauties of Çorum are a place to be seen and if only we could see it. But besides all these, there are many natural beauties of Çorum originating from its unique physical conditions, vegetation cover and climate. These are usually springs, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, and more

Çorum Incesu Canyon
We are natural beauties connected to Ortaköy district of Çorum. Located in the same name village (Incesu Village), this canyon has only one entrance and one exit. Its length is more than 12 kilometers and its width reaches up to 60 meters. Both sides of the sea are made up of steep rocks. There are interstate woodlands on the canyon. If you want to do rafting or trekking, it is an extremely convenient destination. The trekkin park is located between the village of Incesu, the village of Çorum Ortaköy and Kazankaya town of Yozgat Aydıncık county.

Çorum Kargı (Eğinönü) Plateau
Kargı (Eğinönü) Plateau, which is one of the natural beauties connected to the Kargı district of Çorum as you will understand from its name, is located on Köse Mountain, the highest mountain of Çorum. The distance to the Kargı district is 26 km, while the distance to the province center is 114 km. Istanbul-Samsun Yada Ankara-Corum routes can be used. The Kargi (Eğinönü) Plateau, which is a source of oxygen with clean green water and fresh water, is found in many species of trees including larch and yellowpot trees. There are many facilities on this plateau that will welcome visitors. There are trekking and horseback riding trails. This track is between the Abdullah highland and the Playground. The length of the track is 12 km. Enjoy the pleasure of watching around the fire watchtower on the Plateau. It is quite interesting in the Thirty-Fork Pine tree type on this track.

Çorum Bayat Kunduzlu and Birdwatchers
It is a natural beauty attached to the Bayat district of Çorum. These springs are located in Karatepe. The distance to Bayat is 25 km while the distance to Çorum center is 100 km. Camping tents are being built here in the summer season. Being primarily a tree species of maracas, firs and yellow peaches, it has a rich plant cover.

Do These in Çorum
If you are thinking about going to Çorum and wondering what to do when you go to Çorum, here are what you need to do in Çorum. We have listed below the things you should not go back to before going to Çorum. If you wish to do this in Corum, if you do not want to go there either, it is your opportunity.

Visit the archaeological sites of Boğazkale-Hattuşaş, Alacahöyük and Ortaköy-Şapinuva to see these historical heritages in Çorum, which has been a capital city for 450 years with Hittites, a civilization of a full 3,500 years.

The archeological artifacts from the excavations made in Çorum are exhibited in Çorum, Alacahöyük and Boğazköy Museums. Do not leave Çorum with these missions. Also, do not neglect to see the Bosphorus Sphinx which returned to the Çorum Boğazköy Museum, which is the real mother after 94 years.

Local Foods

As in every region, Çorum has its own dishes. The first thing that comes to mind in Çorum is doubtless leblebidir. But as for the local food, the first ones to come to mind are Çorum rum, Çorum baklavası, şıkkilip. If you want to know what you will eat in Çorum and fall into Çorum you are the famous dishes of Çorum. Take a look at the regional cuisine of Çorum and go back to Corum before enjoying these dishes. Here are the dishes of Corum that have not been returned

Where to go in Çorum?

Çorum Kargı Plateau
Located in the Kargı district, these arcs are located to the north of the county and have an extremely clean and lush green environment and an immaculate water. 140 km from the city center and 26 km from the district center, there are also other plains in the area where these plains are located.

Çorum Cybele Emboss
This relief in the Ortaköy district is the largest of Kybele reliefs. It belongs to the Hellenistic period and is on the border of Incesu village. It was made by carving on a rock.

Çorum Koyunbaba Bridge
This bridge in the town of Osmancık is quite imposing and is located on the Kızılırmak River. It is named from the Sheep Baba who is one of the well-known believers of Anatolia. The bridge, which was built in 1484, was completed in 1489. There is even a story. The 19-eyed bridge has a length of 250 meters and a width of 7.5 meters.

Çorum Castle
This castle, which is located in the center of the province, is also mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s Book of Travels. It is not known when this pattern was made. But according to written documents, MS shows 1577 years. In other words, it belongs to the Byzantine period. But there is also Seljuk architecture. Evliya Çelebi says that Sultan Kılıç Aslan has built this palace. A mosque and 42 houses in this castle were still demolished without demolition.

Çorum Ulu Mosque
In almost every city there is one Grand Mosque. There is also a Ulu Mosque in Çorum and it is a historical building to visit. It is unknown when this mosque, which is also called Murad-ı Rabi Mosque, was built. But according to estimates, Hayrettin Hazi has done it. Hayrettin Ready, a slave freed from Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. This camel is in Evliya Çelebi’s travel book.

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