Turkey – Central African Republic (OAC) Relations

OAC already has the Kinshasa Embassy (Congo Democratic Republic) accredited and plans to open a new Embassy in Bangui. Our country also has an Honorary Consulate General in Bangui, which has been operating since 2003. OAC has an Honorary Consulate General in Istanbul since 1995.

Military Attaché, which started in Kinshasa in August 2015, is also accredited by OAC.

In 2013 after the outbreak of civil war in the OAC, while extending a helping hand to the victims of violence in the country and one of the first countries in the initiative to mobilize the international community towards the same goal has been Turkey. On the other hand, we have shown support for the Transitional Government, which was the first time in the history of the country without a coup, and the principles of territorial integrity and the protection of sovereignty of the country were respected.

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