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Located in the northeast and the Canakkale Turkey has an old history is one of our forwards. Çanakkale Many civilizations hosted it.

It is also known as Çanakkale, Hellespontos and Dardanel. The oldest known history of Çanakkale is the 3000 years before the Milat. In other words, Çanakkale is a settlement that has been used as a settlement place since 3,000 years ago. Especially from the bronze age, donra became an important center. Because Çanakkale is a transit point, it has become a concentrated area for cultural exchange.

The oldest known people living in Çanakkale are the local people living in the Chalcolithic period. These sweaty people live in Beşiktepe and Kumtepe areas. After this native he was born in this area. Troy people lived until 1200 years. After this, various tribes came. These lands, which were in the hands of the last Catalonians, were left to the Turks after the Catalan. Canakkale, BC The Lydian Kingdom in the 7th century BC After the Persian Kingdom in the 5th century BC. In 334, Macedonian king Alexander the Great was under the rule.

During the Roman and Byzantine Empire periods, which dominated the region after the Great Alexander period, Çanakkale became even more important with its ports. In the post-Ottoman territory participating in Canakkale, with an epic battle on March 18, 1915 have stayed in the hands of the Republic of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire that has come today.

Çanakkale has been and remains an important point throughout its history due to its geographical position. The Dardanelles, one of the two critical points connecting the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and then to the Mediterranean, is also an important transit point connecting the European side to the Anatolian side.


Çanakkale is dominated by Mediterranean climate. But it is colder in the winter than in the Mediterranean because it is somewhere in the north. The lowest temperature is -4.2 degrees Celsius in February. The high temperature is about 36 degrees Celsius in August. Çanakkale’s annual temperature average is 14.7 degrees centigrade while the average humidity is 72.6%. There are more winds in Çanakkale than in neighboring ones. Snow is very low in winter. Even if it snowed, it stays in place for at most a week. Apart from this, it usually rains in December, January and February, it is raining most in these months.

Çanakkale Local Foods

As you know, our country is famous for its meals. Even in the Anatolian cuisine, the appetite of the person is rising. There are beautiful regional dishes in Çanakkale from the distinguished cities of our beautiful country. There are many regional dishes from Canakkale, ranging from soup to meat dish, vegetable scent to dough.

Where to go in Çanakkale?

It is a pity that you go to Çanakkale and return without sightseeing. Those who go to the province of Çanakkale who have many places to visit and see, have to prepare their list. Before you go you will be comfortable to go to Çanakkale by making a list of where to go and where to see.

Çanakkale Aynalı Bazaar
In 1889, the famous bazaar, which was a subject of a people folk in the wars of the Dardanelles, It is known that Abdülhamid was built by one of the leading Jewish families of Canakkale during his reign. An unverifiable claim is made much earlier. Evliya Çelebi’s book “Seyahatname” also mentions the bazaar. When the records about the bazaar are examined, it is understood that it is a miniature of the Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul.

Çanakkale Martyrdom
Memorials and martyrs in the historical National Park of Gallipoli peninsula, which is the center of the Gallipoli wars, creeping in the hair of mankind, drifting into an indescribable feeling of emotion, and an epic that every person of this motherland should learn by breathing that air, is perhaps the place to visit first time in Canakkale .

Çanakkale Merkez
The heart of the city is the center of the Dardanelles, with a view of the Strait of Dardanelles, the wooden horse used in the film Trojan, and the length of the Dardanelles cord, which features the ancient Trojan city.

çanakkale maritime Museum
You can visit the museum of the Çanakkale Naval Victory, which was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1462 and used in the Gallipoli Wars, as well as the model of the original dimensions of the Nusrat Mine Ship and various weapons used in the Gallipoli Wars.

Çanakkale Clock Tower
It is worth seeing this magnificent clock tower built by the Italian Consul General, Emilio Vitalis in the 1890s.
The Ancient City of Troy
This ancient city, which has been on the world heritage list since 1988, has been in the national park status since 1996. Five of the ancient civilizations were accepted. It was formed by 9 cities on top of each other. Troy, Troy, Troia, Ilion, Vilusa are also known by such names. The location is on the skirts of the Kaz Mountains. You can stop by here to see the Trojan horse, which is the subject of many films.

Bozcaada (Tenedos)
Bozcaada (Tenedos) is a city of Çanakkale today and is located in the north of Semadirek, north-west of Limni, south of Mytilene, north-east of Gökçeada. It has a surface area of ​​40 km2 with small islets and rocks around it. Bozcaada does not have high hills and forests. In addition to this, the highest peak of the island and the 40-mile-long environment that controls the Göztepe’da Bozcaada name was given. It is one of the two islands belonging to my country in the Aegean Sea. Bozcaada, whose name is Tenedos in Antiquity, is mentioned in the epic of Homer in Ilia.

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