Turkey – Canadian Political and Economic Relations

NATO, OSCE, OECD and the Western Group (WEOG) in the UN and the G-20 members in Canada together constitute important dimensions of our relations. Bilateral political relations have remained in the shadow of support given at the level of the government since 2006, with resolutions supporting the Armenian allegations taken in the House of Commons in the House of Commons in 2002.

In the agenda of our bilateral political relations with Canada, we are fighting with the 1915 Events, cooperation in the framework of NATO, Syria and Iraq, fighting terrorism, refugees and the initiative of 15 July coup. Turkey and Canada in Afghanistan, NATO’s ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) operation conducted within the framework of close cooperation. Our partnership also continues under the Global Coalition to Combat DEA. High level contacts are mostly in the margins of international meetings. The recent high-level visits in the bilateral context are listed below.

– Mr. Ban’s visit to Canada (19-20 September 2012)

– Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits our country to attend the G-20 Antalya Summit (14-16 November 2016)

– Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion visits our country to participate in the Somalia High Level Partnership Forum (HLPF) (22-24 February 2016)

Parliamentary contacts are ongoing. Canada 2011 President of the Senate, Chairman of the House of Commons Turkey in 2014, while Mr Parliament President visited Canada in 2015. Our trading volume with Canada tends to increase. In the first 11 months of 2017, our exports to Canada amounted to $ 801 million (previous year $ 730 million) and imports from Canada totalled $ 1.7 billion (previous year $ 1.06 billion). 85% of Turkey’s exports to the Canadian industry is composed of 15% of agricultural products. Gold, auto and auto industry, iron and steel products, marble, karar, ready-to-wear and home textile products are the forefront of the export of agricultural and food industry products in hazelnut, raisin, dried apricot, olive oil and dried fig, mining and industrial products exports. It stands out.

When we look at imports from Canada, parallelism is observed with the general import structure of our country, and raw materials and semi-finished products are mostly in the foreground. 82% of Canada’s imports from Turkey industry, 18% consist of agricultural products. Our imports from Canada generally include raw materials such as hard coal, lentils, newsprint, iron and steel scrap and rashes, wheat, aircraft, steam boilers, gold, medicine, hatchery turkey eggs, soybean meal, unprocessed nickel and iron ore.

The number of companies with Canadian capital invested in our country is currently 262. Investments mainly cover energy, mining, information technology and infrastructure. Exploratory talks aimed at launching negotiations between the Free Trade Agreement (STA) between our country and Canada have been completed in 2013, and Canada’s decision is expected to pass on official negotiations.

In 2016, 106.285 Canadian tourists visited our country.

THY is currently organizing flights to Toronto and Montreal in Canada.

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