Turkey – Brazil Political Relations

Our bilateral political relations with Brazil began with the signing of the Friendship Agreement in Rome in 1927 and gained momentum recently. Due to geographical distance and foreign policy priorities of the two countries, bilateral relations that cannot reach the desired level during the 20th century, the proactive foreign policy of our country and the role of Brazil as a global actor in the former President Lula period and the policy of creating safe partnerships in this framework has made remarkable progress in recent years.

In 1995, the visit of President Mr Süleyman Demirel to this country was the first visit made at the level of the President and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr İsmail Cem made his first visit at this level in 1998. A “Strategic Partnership Action Plan” was signed between the two countries during the official visit of President of Turkey to Brazil during the Prime Ministerial period in 2010. In this framework, Brazil has become our two strategic partners in the region (another Mexico).

Brazil is the country with the largest trade volume in South America. Brazil has no bilateral Free Trade Agreement (STA) with any country and conducts STA negotiations through MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market). A Framework Agreement was signed between our country and MERCOSUR during the MERCOSUR Summit on June 30, 2008, in line with the EU negotiations, in line with the negotiations with the EU. However, the Agreement did not enter into force because it was not ratified by Paraguay.

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