Turkey – Benin Relations

Our Embassy in Kotonu started the activity on October 31, 2014. Benin’s Embassy in Ankara was active on September 16, 2013. In addition, Benin is Honorary Consulate in Istanbul. Abuja (Nigeria) Military Attache is committed to Benin.

Top Level Contacts: Benin President Patrice Talon made an official visit to Ankara on 6 December 2016. Dön Benim Benin President Boni Yasi made official visits to my country on 8-11 July 2012, 12-15 March 2013 and 10-13 December 2013 and participated in the Presidential Revocation Ceremony held on 28 August 2014 in Ankara. The Defense Minister, Robert Théophile Yarou, made a visit to my country on 15-17 September 2014 at the invitation of the then Minister of National Defense, Mr. İsmet Yılmaz. Hosted by our country, there was a bilateral meeting between Benin Foreign Minister Aurelien Agbenonci and our minister, attending the World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul on 23-24 May 2016.

The Minister of State for Development and Planning Abdoulaye Bio Tchane and the Ministers of Energy, Environment and Agriculture have visited our country in recent years with various international meetings held in the host country. Negotiations were held with the Benin authorities at the General Director level of our country on 4 December 2017, with political consultations in Kotonu. Our total trade volume was US $ 115.3 million (2017).

Transportation: THY has four flights a week in winter, daily flights to Istanbul-Kotonu (Benin) -Abidjan-Istanbul.

Contacts in the economic field: the first on December 12, 2014 at the Turkey-Benin Business of the second Forum held in Istanbul, was launched on June 23, Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Benin expeditions on the occasion on 24-25 June 2014 was held in Kotonu.

“Turkey-Benin Business Council Agreement”, Mr. DEIK President Omar with Vardan Jihad Benin Commerce and Industry (CCIB) 1. Deputy Chairman of Souleyman on September 7, 2015 between M. Yacoubou was signed in Istanbul.

Approximately 150 businessmen have visited since the date of the proclamation, as part of 15 mutual trade delegations organized between our country and Benin.

Aid: In 2007, our country provided financial aid to Benin through the World Food Program (WFP) channel to support international humanitarian aid operations, which were conducted in the African continent to fight for hunger. In June 2008, assistance was provided to this country to establish an international immigrant incomes observatory for the least developed countries.

Our country, through the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA), provides Benin with development assistance in various fields. Scholarships recognized by Turkey within the scope of Turkey, during the period 2017-2018 are given scholarships to 16 students from the Republic of Benin. Since 1992, 114 scholarships have been awarded.

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