Turkey – Belize Political Relations

The relations between our country and Belize are rather limited due to the geographical distance and the concentration of both countries on their territories for many years. However, more attention has been paid to the region as a result of the expansion of our Latin America and Caribbean region, which has gained momentum in recent years, the opening of new embassies in the region, the start of TICA development and technical cooperation projects and establishment of institutional relations with regional organizations, comprising.

Our bilateral relations with Belize have begun to develop rapidly after our country’s Central American Integration System (SICA) became an observer in February 2015. Belize is our Embassy in Guatemala.

Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Peter Elringto, between 17-21 July 2014 held in Istanbul, Turkey-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Consultation and Cooperation Mechanism First Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs; World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul on 23 to 24 May 2016 (SEQ), and on April 20, 2017 Second Turkey-SICA Foreign Ministers held in Istanbul within the scope Forum has visited our country. Our country has contributed 220 thousand in 2016 and $ 100 thousand in 2017 to the projects carried out under the Organization of American States (ADO) to solve the border problem between Belize and Guatemala. The donations that our country has made for various things have reached 784 thousand dollars.

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