Turkey – Bangladesh Political Relations

Relations between the Turkish and Bengal nations have deep-rooted historical and cultural bases dating back to the establishment of Bangladesh. Salvation One of the Muslim peoples of South Asia who are in financial and moral aid to our war is the Bengals. The respect and admiration of Great Leader Atatürk, the destiny titled “Kamal Pasha” written in 1921 by the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in Bangladesh and in the school books, two bloody “Kemal Ataturk Caddesi” in the capital city Dakka and Chittagong cities, the city of Dagan Bhuiyan in the town of “Atatürk Model High School” and Dakka Military Barracks in the Turkish language centre “Mustafa Kemal Turkish Learning Centre” in the name given to the reflection.

Turkey, Bangladesh Organization of Islamic Cooperation held in Lahore (then known as the Organization of the Islamic Conference at the time) was diagnosed on February 22, 1974 on the occasion of the summit. The Embassy of Dhaka in 1976 and the Embassy of Ankara in Bangladesh in 1981.

In 2017, Rohinga Muslims increased their aid activities in our country due to the humanitarian crisis on refugees in Bangladesh as a new wave. In this context, Mr. Mehmet Emine Erdogan, our minister and Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, the President’s remedy of, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Recep Akdag visited Bangladesh on 27 September 2017 to review the living conditions of Rohinga refugees and to contact them about the aid to be made from our country.

The last high-level visit to Bangladesh was the visit of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim on 18-20 December 2017. Mr. Prime Minister visited the Rohinga camps of Cox’s Bazar, as well as his meetings with President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

  1. President Abdullah Gul 12-13 February 2010 visit to Bangladesh in history, as well as the consolidation of our relations, even in view of Turkey’s top order in Bangladesh has contributed to the transport.

The last visit to Bangladesh by the President at the level of our country, President Md. Abdul Hamid is visiting our country on 13 December 2017 to attend the Extraordinary Summit of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIT) in Istanbul. At the summit margin, the two presidents also held a bilateral meeting.

Former Foreign Minister Dipu Moni of Bangladesh visited Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with the United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries on 9-13 May 2011. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid an official visit to my country on April 10-13, 2012.

Finally, our minister came to Turkey with Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud Ali during his visits to Bangladesh on 6-7 September 2017.

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