Six nomadic Scythians who came from the Caucasus north in 680 BC took the Ardahan region from the Van / Urartu Empire. It is known that the Goglik, Taoklu, Cavaklı boilers of the habitats are located in this region.

After the 500 years of domination of the beaks in the region, the Part / Arsakli from Iran followed the dominance in the region of 600 years. (BC 150 – AD 430) It is known that Kuman and Pechenegs lived in this area where Alparslan added to the Seljuk region in 1068, even during the Macedonian Alexander era.


Located in the northeastern part of the Eastern Anatolia Region which is adjacent to the Black Sea Region, Ardahan is high and rugged. There are mountains over 3,000 m in the area. The lonely mountains stretch along the provincial border of Artvin. Keldağ (3,033 m) in the northeastern part of the province and Akbaba Mountain (3126 m) in the eastern part of the territory. The southern part of the rural lands make the Allahuekber Mountains and Mount Vesuvius (3.197 m) rugged. Kabak Mountain (3.054 m) connected to Allahuekber Mountains remains within the provincial boundaries. Mount Vesir is the highest point of the province with 3.197 m. Ardahan Plateau is located in the central part of the region. The height is 1800-2000 m. The basis of the Neogene volcanism is the resulting emerging lavas.

Plateau, end of Pliocene and Pleistocene at the beginning of the fault occurred in the final collapse. This area, with marly and sandy sediments on the edges, is filled with materials from the high quarters.

The Kura River and its arms fragment the plateau surface. The most important of these streams is the Kura River, which is the platoon from beginning to end. Çildir Lake; It lies in the southeast part of the province with a height of 1,959 m. Aktaş Lake is located in the eastern part of the region. The east half of this lake remains within the borders of Georgia. The height of the ridge is 1,798 m

The 1124 year in the Caucasus from the Orthodox to the north of Kipchak has been the seat, and Ilkhanate age in 1267 in Kipchak establishing a dynasty from Ardahan-Akhaltsikhe-Artvin cut Atabeks, in 1479, Istanbul ‘a subject was, and the Ottoman Empire armies in 1578 Meskhetian ‘ reigned until the year taking

Where to go in Ardahan?

It is a shame that you go to Ardahan and go back to sightseeing places. Those who go to the province of Ardahan, who have many places to visit and see, should prepare their list. Before going, he makes a list of where to go and where to see him, and he will be comfortable when he goes to Ardahan.

Ardahan Places and Places to See
Ardahan Merkez Mevlit Efendi Mosque
This mosque, about 200 meters from the city center, is an ancient building. The inscription on the door of the mosque tells that the glass was built in 1701. It is a building you should see when you go to Ardahan.

Posof Central Mosque
There is an inscription in the glass minibar. According to this book, the mosque was built between 1868 and 1883. It is a rectangular shape of this glass made from cutting stones. The interior of the glass reflects Ottoman architecture.

Derviş Bey Mosque
It is written on the panels located on this mosque built near the Ardahan Brigade Command as H.1285 / M.1869. There is no definite information about Derviş Bey under the name of Caminin. Also on the right and left side of the window is a letter “There is no higher tongue than Islam” and under date 1285

Ardahan Castle
Remains belonging to the Bronze age were found in the research conducted around this Kalen which is one of the symbols of the city. The Ardahan Kalesi was built by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent in the 16th century. There are also signs of many kingdoms in the excavations made at home. The castle is situated on the edge of the Kura River. The belt at the entrance of the castle has the construction year of 1544. Our walls are 745 meters.

Akcakale Island Town
Akçakale Island, located in Çıldır Lake, is a natural beauty and archaeological site. This place, 27 kilometers away from the center of the town of Çıldır, is an island city.

Hamşioğlu Rasim Bey Mansion
Located on the Ardahan Göle highway, this mansion is a single-story building with an area of approximately 3500 square meters. The main entrance is the eastern cephalopod. This front has pseudo-columns and doors with fancy windows.

Dursun Soylu Konak
Located in the city center, this mansion was built in the late 19th century. The mosque with a pyramidal roof on it is two storeys, the lower floor is covered, and the upper cave is exteriors with a wooden staircase. Architectural features of the surroundings reflect the architecture of Sarıkamış, Kars, Caucasus, Georgian and Gyumri regions.

Other Places to Visit in Ardahan
Savaşır (Cancak) Castle
Kinzi Castle
Cute Castle
Kalecik Castle
Satan Castle
Kazan Castle
Altas (Ur) Castle
Kırnav Castle
Cildir / Taşköprü Book

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