Aksaray Province

Aksaray, which is situated between 38-39 northern parallels and 33-35 eastern meridians in the Central Anatolian part of the Central Anatolian Region, where the north and south Anatolian mountains have moved away from each other, and Kırşehir and Ankara in the north, Niğde in the east, Niğde in the south, Konya in the south, There. Aksaray, 7997 km2 covers ten percent of Turkey’s surface area with the ligand. Turkey is 39th in the overall ranking of provinces. The altitude of Aksaray from sea level is 980 AD


The history of the city of Aksaray dates back to ancient times. Archelaus, the last Cappadocian king, rebuilt the settlement called “Garsaura” during the Hittite period. The city, which was rebuilt by the city, was named “Archaleis” [3]. With the end of the Cappadocia Kingdom, the settlement joined the Roman territory. During the Claudius period, the Roman colony was mentioned as “Colonia Archelais” [4]. With the separation of Rome into two Byzantine settlements after 1078 Selçuklu dominance with the surrounding settlements entered. Kutalmışoğlu by the Seljuks settlement which was given to the administration of the Ottoman Empire later joined the lands of the newly established Anatolian Seljuk State. Sultan II. Kılıç Arslan rebuilt the city in 1170, and the settlement was named “Aksaray” because of the palace he built. Dârüzzafer, Dârürribât, and Dârülcihâd titles were also given because the Sultan mostly lives in the city and the Sultan made military facilities in the town.

With the weakening of the Anatolian Seljuk State, the settlement went over to the principality of Karamanoğulları. For a while, he changed hands between the Principality of Eretna and the Karamanids. In 1399, the settlement of the Ottoman administration took place in the territory of Karamanoğulları again after 1402 Ankara Battle. After Karamanoğlu-Ottoman struggle in 1468, it became absolute Ottoman domination. As the settlement Ottoman-Karamanoglu struggle has suffered great destruction, the population was transferred to the critical part of Istanbul with the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The settlement of these masses, which were subjected to the mandatory Iskhan, established Aksaray neighborhood in Istanbul today.

In the Ottoman records of 1530, there are 37 neighborhoods in Aksaray, independent livestock belonging to Niğde Sancağ of Karaman province, with an estimated population of 5000-6000 on this settlement. The first official census of the Ottoman Empire was made only to determine the male population, according to this number, there were 2,322 men in the center of Aksaray. In the mid-19th century, the settlement was mentioned as an accident connected to Niğde Sanjag. There were 1020 households in the village of Salnede dated 1868-69. It became the central district of the provincial organization established with the first years of the Republic. In 1933, with the closure of the province of Aksaray, it became a district of Niğde province again. With the law 3578 issued in 1989, Aksaray province was re-established and became the central district of this province.


Aksaray is in the mid-climatic zone and has a cold, continental climate type. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters are cold and rainy. Rainfalls are often seen in spring and winter. The average precipitation (last 40 years) is 340 mm (kg / m²). Temperature differences between summer and winter and day and night are very high. Moisture is low in the summer months, and the amount of evaporation is high due to the lack of temperature and wind intensity. Snowfall causes floods and landslides in spring. Daily Highest Precipitation Amount: 65.8 kg / m² (29.10.1998) Daily Fastest Wind: 165.6 km / h (12.03.1968) – Highest Snow: 45.0 cm


In the middle of Central Anatolia, north-south, located at the intersection of highways in the east-west direction, in 1989, re-provinces of Aksaray domestic and producing goods and services abroad, and continuing to provide, Turkey’s target of becoming the capital industry in Anatolia is progressing towards. The entry into force of Law No. 5084 on Investments and Employment has further accelerated our goal of this goal. The steps taken by the Aksaray industry towards growth will come at the top of our province and at the lowest level of unemployment as well as an area that receives immigration from neighboring regions. Our Organize Sanayi Bölgemiz is located on the E-90 Highway. The transportation facilities are very convenient and double roads passing through the city are completed. Our Directorate of Customs and KOSGEB Synergy Center are available. Mersin Port and 200 km to Ankara, 150 km to Konya and Kayseri provinces. As soon as possible, we will open an exporters association in our region. Around 7% of the economically active population of Aksaray, estimated to be 150 thousand people between 15-64 years old, is employed in the industry sector. The remaining part of this population is in the agriculture and services sector. In 1998, Aksaray had been among the Priority Provinces in Development in 1998 and was preparing for the coming years together with industry and economics as a provincial attraction city that shines and flourishes with the support of such advantages as the incentive measures given by these priorities. 132 industrial plots located in the Organized Industrial Zone have been made 141 by making pass-offs and alliances in the direction of the requests of the investors. In addition to 141 factories established in 141 parcels on the area of ​​4 Ha and 290 Ha participated in the region in 1997, 10 thousand people will be employed in the factories built on the private sector by the private sector are completed and put into service. Thus, a large part of our active population will be employed in the industrial area. With the introduction of these works and the production transition, Aksaray will become a province that sells its own production, both domestic and abroad, rather than the consumer. The resources we have, the opportunities available, the construction of private sector facilities and government investments continue in some sectors as well as Aksaray will carry the top positions in the industry. Aksaray is the only province in which the population is increasing day by day, and the surrounding area does not emigrate but migrates. (Source: http://aksarayfx.mekan360.


Airway: There is no airspace in our city. Nevşehir Cappadocia is the closest airfield to our city 74 km away.

Highway: Aksaray is on the E-90 road, at the crossroads of the Silk Road tour route and east-west, south-north main connection roads. Distance to the neighboring provinces and some big provincial centers: Aksaray – Ankara 225 Km. Aksaray – Adana 265 Km. Aksaray – Mersin 258 Km. Aksaray – Konya 148 Km. Aksaray – Istanbul 674 Km. Aksaray – Izmir 692 Km. Aksaray – Niğde 123 Km. Aksaray – Nevşehir 75 Km. Aksaray Terminal Tel: 0382 215 85 85

Sea route: There is no sea route

Railway: There is no railway in our city

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