Turkey – Afghanistan Political Relations

Grand National Assembly of Turkey Government Order which has been open a representative one in Kabul of the first decisions assigned this context, the Afghan-born as a representative to Kabul before Abdurrahman S, a Turkish officer and was diplomatic relations 1921 Turkey-Afghanistan alliance treaty of the mouse established between the two countries. Our embassy carries the first diplomatic mission in Kabul. Afghanistan became the second country to recognize the Turkish Grand National Assembly. 45 065 m² of land where the installation of our Embassy in Kabul, was donated by King Amanullah Khan’s period. (Embassy of the land on behalf of the Republic of Turkey was held in November 25, 1945).

Turkey has supported Afghanistan’s modernization efforts in the period between 1920-1960 years in this country and administrative, military, culture has played an important role in the development of key state institutions such as education and health. During the period of 1932-1960 212 teachers, physicians, officers and other specialists were sent to Afghanistan. Close friendship and cooperation continued until Afghanistan became influenced by the Soviet Union. Soviet occupation after the end of 1989. Turkey, developments in the continued monitoring in Afghanistan, both external actors, to Afghanistan by contact with all groups in need countries have tried to contribute to bring stability and peace. Turkey today, Afghanistan’s security,

Four elements in Turkey’s policy in Afghanistan in the foreground. These are the preservation of the unity and integrity of Afghanistan, the securing of security and stability, the strengthening of the broad-based political structure that holds the people’s support and participation in the country, and the restoration of Afghanistan from terrorism and extremism. In line with these objectives Turkey, both at the bilateral level, both located in the extensive contribution to Afghanistan by supporting the efforts of the UN and NATO. Likewise, the development of relations with Afghanistan’s neighbours constitutes one of the dominant elements of our country’s approach to Afghanistan.

To this end, in 2007 Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Summit Process and in Asia in 2011, with the participation of the heart of Istanbul Process was initiated in the country. The Seventh Ministerial Conference of the Istanbul Process was held in Baku on 1 December 2017, hosted by Azerbaijan. Our conference country is represented by a delegation headed by our minister. Our consortium, our country, has taken over from Azerbaijan the co-chairman of Süreçin in 2018.

Since 2004, our country’s development program carried out in Afghanistan, about $ 1 billion worth of projects over 1000, Turkey is among the largest foreign aid programs realized for a country so far. At the Afghanistan Conference held in Brussels on 4-5 October 2016, our Minister Say our commitment to our development assistance for the period of 2018-2020 was announced as 150 million Dollars. At the NATO Summit held in Warsaw on 8-9 July 2016, we committed $ 60 million for 2018-2020 as a contribution to the maintenance of the Afghan security forces.

In the context of high-level visits, Mr. President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Kadin, made an official visit to Afghanistan on 18 October 2014 upon the invitation of Afghan President Eşref Gani. After 46-year hiatus from the aforementioned visit to Afghanistan held at the President level is the first visit to Turkey, Mr. President, after coming to power of a new government in Afghanistan was the first president who visited Afghanistan. The visit signed a Strategic Partnership and Friendship Agreement between the two countries.

Afghan President Eşref Gani visited Turkey on 23-24 December 2015 as an invitation to President of the Republic of Turkey. During this visit, the Declaration of Intent was signed regarding the Security Cooperation Agreement, the Memorandum of Understanding on the Political Consultation Mechanism between the Foreign Ministries and the TİKA and the Administrative Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the Constitution of the Turkish-Afghan Girl’s University Campus.

Afghan President Ashraf Gani attended the Extraordinary OIC Summit on Jerusalem on 13 December 2017 in Istanbul and held an interview with Mr. President of the Republic of Turkey.

Our minister visited Kabul on June 16, 2016 and held talks with President Gani, Executive Committee President Abdullah, Foreign Minister Rabbani and Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi.

The second of the political consultations between our country and Afghanistan was held in Ankara on 3 April 2017 between the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Hikmet Halil Karzai.

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