Turkey – Argentina Political Relations

Turkey-Argentina relations between the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the signing of the first Argentine consulate protocol extends to 1910. Following the establishment of our Republic, officialization of the Treaty of Friendship signed with Argentina in Rome in 1926 was formalized.

Argentine President Carlos Menem visited our country in 1992, and in 1995 our 9th President, Mr. Süleyman Demirel visited Argentina. In 1998, Mr. Ismail Cem became the first foreign minister to visit Argentina. Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner visited our country on 20-21 January 2011.

Mr. President visited the Republic of Argentina on 8 September 2013 with the attendance of the 125th International Olympic Committee General Assembly meeting where the city to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games was determined during the Prime Minister’s term. No official meeting with the Argentine authorities was held during the visit.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina Hector Timerman, VII. He made a speech on January 6, 2015 within the context of the Ambassadors’ Conference and also received a speech with Minister, accepted by the President of the Republic of Turkey.

Our minister visited Argentina on 30 January 2017 and met with Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra and Vice President and Senator Gabriela Michetti. The Customs Cooperation and Mutual Aid Agreement was also signed within the scope of the visit.

There is a multilateral diplomatic collaboration between Argentina and our country, such as the adoption of joint positions in international organizations and the mutual support of candidates. Apart from the events of 1915, Argentina does not usually prevail in the foreign policy issues that our country attaches importance, it acts in the same way with our country in terms of reforming international financial and economic institutions and taking different issues into agenda of G-20. It is in the Union Group for Consensus, where our country is also involved in the UN reform. The presence of Argentina in the UN Cyprus Peacekeeping Force (UNFICYP) is also a separate direction of our relations.

During the Macri Government, which began in the year 2015, the abolition of previously intensive import restrictions constituted an important opportunity for the development of commercial ties with Argentina. Our country is also attempting to sign STA with Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), which is also a member of Argentina. MERCOSUR between Turkey held in Ankara on 12-13 November 2008 after the first round of FTA negotiations by MERCOSUR primarily due to prefer to make progress in the EU-MERCOSUR negotiations, the second round of talks could not be realized.

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