LEGAL DISCLAIMER belongs to a private company and is not affiliated with any gov agency. Our service will help you with value added services to acquire your Turkish Visa. For each visa application, you pay a varying service and visa fee depending on your country of nationality. Our experienced experts can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful self-application. You may choose to engage our services or visit gov Internet site and make your request to travel to Turkey for a lesser fee. The gov website can be accessed at

Our Added Value Service

  • 24/7 application service availability
  • Correction service is provided for evisa Turkey applications
  • If your visa for Turkey is rejected for any reason, we will provide you money back guarantee!
  • For our customers based in the UK, looking to apply for Turkey visa UK, we have the option for GBP payment facility Correction service is provided for evisa Turkey applications
  • Mistake on your visa document with no additional charge we can amend the visa document free of charge
  • Storage of your travel authorisation document is guaranteed by our website for up to 6 months. We will ensure to maintain your visa Turkey in due course of your travel period

When Will You Be Charged for Turkish Visa?

You will only be charged once you have completed your application form, where you will be directed to our payment page to complete the order. Only applications which have placed an order will be processed. The prices of visa depends on the country of your nationality. Check the section Visa Pricing of the website to learn more about turkey visa processing charges.

What Happens if you don’t get your Visa for Turkey within 24 Hours ?

You should get your visa within 24 hours. In cases where there is a delay, please contact us immediately after the given 24 hour threshold. You may contact us either by online 24 hour contact us service or leave a message at our contact section of the website. In cases where the delay is more than 48 hours, you will be eligible for a full refund of our services.

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